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Tubbies Day Nursery is OFSTED registered and has been open since April 2006, we are situated in Rush Green in a quiet residential area, surrounded by a local library, shops and park.

At Tubbies Day Nursery we ensure that we are flexible to suit all the needs of parents and carers, we provide both part time and full time places and we are open 8am to 6pm.

Tubbies Day Nursery caters for children from six months to five years, ensuring that our staff ratio is at highest level. 

We understand that all children are unique and individual and all children develop at different rates, therefore we provide individual play areas for the babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, where we ensure that activities and resources are stimulating for their correct level of development.

At Tubbies Day Nursery we understand the need for children to feel safe and secure and to be able to snuggle into the environment, to be able to help the children, we ensure that we have a daily routine, which provides time for play and learning, sleep and rest and indoor and outdoor play.

As a nursery we believe that it is fundamentally important that children have a good Social and Emotional relationship, we provide and support children in this area through group activities, circle times and for each child to have their own key worker who gets to know your child and their families.